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I want to start this off
by saying that I still love you.
Leaving probably didn’t
help when it came to
that fact but I had to do
what was best for me,
and I guess that meant
hurting you in ways
that I will never be able
to understand. I’m not
saying that I was ever
that important to you
or that because of me
you will never be able
to trust someone who will
only ever want to be
close to you, but I want
to tell you that I’m sorry.
Sorry for setting you up
for destruction. Sorry
for letting my selfishness
get in the way of your
happiness. But if it’s
any consolation I did it
so that one day you could
be happy. I left because
I knew you deserved
someone who actually
would cherish your love
in the way that it should
be. So know that I still
love you, that I really am sorry
and even if you can never
seem to forgive me that
I will never hold it against
you. You have always
deserved so much more
than what I was capable
of giving to you. "I hope I made the right choice," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

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And all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet. Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Poems and Drawings of Shel Silverstein (via wordsnquotes)

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A few findings from my walk home today.
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“You’ve got to make your own life, one that you love, and you can’t be afraid of the time. Time is shiftable. There are moments of my life that I’d trade sixty years to have back again. That’s the truth. You know the truth when you find it. It’ll come to you like something you’ve known before rather than something you’re learning for the first time.” And While We Were Here (2012)

Leonard Cohen.

… pinhole shot by Larissa Honsek